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EDITOR’S CORNER – André Gagnon Baroque
(…) »Kunz shines in these playfully convincing pastiches and the Orchestre symphonique de la Vallée-du-Haut-Saint-Laurent under Daniel Constantineau’s direction embraces the project with enthusiasm. Although producing a larger sound than period orchestras, they capture the spirit of the music and play with surprising lightness. (…) Tongue in cheek, or respectful homage – more likely a bit of both – the project comes off in flying colours. It really is a hoot! »

David OLDS, The WholeNote

VITRINE MUSIQUE – André Gagnon Baroque
(…) »The novelty [of the CD] is that these pastiches for piano and small orchestra from 1969 and 1972 are converted by Daniel Constantineau in works for harpsichord and orchestra of period instruments. So we are witnessing the creation of a false universe for a truly authentic fake Baroque … and the result is very pleasant! »

Christophe HUSS, Le Devoir

ÉCOUTE INTÉGRALE – André Gagnon Baroque
(…) »A true guilty pleasure that this album. Interpretations are top notch and the recording of ATMA adds to the quality of the expérience. »(…)

Frédéric CARDIN, ICI Musique – SRC

« A treasure of the Quebec music resurfaces with the Orchestre symphonique de la Vallée-du-Haut-Saint-Laurent. Under the direction of Daniel Constantineau, the OSVHSL resumes Les Turluteries and My four seasons from the pianist and composer André Gagnon. At the turn of the years 60-70, the pianist, who has not yet thirty, draws from his vast knowledge of baroque music to revisit songs of Jean-Pierre Ferland, Félix Leclerc, Claude Léveillée, Gilles Vigneault and Bolduc in the manner of Johann Sebastian Bach. The result, in addition to being learned, is a magnificent tribute to Quebec music. 40 years later, the recovery of these compositions with period instruments and a harpsichord rather than a piano, renews surprise and achievement. Besides being a musical success, André Gagnon Baroque disk has several virtues: he rescues from oblivion two major contributions of the composer, he reveals a little-known formation and allows Jean-Willy Kunz to shine the harpsichord. »


« The first concert of the Orchestre symphonique de la Vallée-du-Haut-Saint-Laurent (OSVHSL) in Vaudreuil-Soulanges has been a resounding success.(…)The concert Romantic Strings was held in a church in the exceptional acoustic, in the opinion of the 150 privileged who attended the event. The musicians, under the direction of Daniel Constantineau, offered a performance at the very same image. »
Yannick MICHAUD, Journal L’Étoile

« From the first notes, one is struck by the excellent arrangements, finesse in search of textures and timbres between the choir and instruments. The Amour au choeur is a success! »

Bruno DESCHÊNES, Revue Chanter

« Recently renamed Orchestre philharmonique du Grand Montréal, the ensemble of some 40 musicians formed in 1996 by Daniel Constantineau, and then modestly called Orchestre symphonique de la communauté de Montréal, has ambitions in keeping with its new name: come to grips with Schoenberg and impress its audience. (…) Yet the dreaded Schoenberg was definitely the high-point of this final concert of the fourth OPGM season. (…) Evidently Daniel Constantineau is very fond of this music. He also made his musicians like it and even the sparse but very attentive audience. »

Claude GINGRAS, La Presse

« Last winter saw the birth of a new orchestra in Montreal. Another one, you ask? Well, yes and no. This time, it involves a formula that, although existing elsewhere in North America, has heretofore har no counterpart in Montreal. The music director of this completely new ensemble, christened the Orchestre symphonique de la communauté de Montréal, says he was inspired by what he had seen in the U.S. and Canada. Orchestra conductor and composer Daniel Constantineau’s idea was to form an orchestra of highly skilled amateur musicians. »

Dominique OLIVIER, Voir

« (…) The debut concert last night, preceded by a public rehearsal the day before, has revealed an orchestra of undeniable quality. (…) Let’s focus on what’s good about this orchestra. The conductor and founder, Daniel Constantineau, age 41, studied composition with Serge Grant and conducting with Charles Dutoit, and interned at Tanglewood. What he obtained from his 55 amateur musicians of all ages – “amateurs” meaning “never having been, no longer being, or not yet part of professionnal ensembles” — is characteristic of an eminently respectable musician in every regard. At the outset, his irreproachable sense of rythm, illustrated by precise and attentive conducting, allowed the orchestra to maintain a free and natural dialogue from the beginning to the end of each selection on the program (…). For example, in Peer Gynt, Ase’s Death was not only beautiful to hear but also showed the conductor to be a sensitive interpreter. »

Claude GINGRAS, La Presse


TESTIMONIES  | The conductor

« I have known Daniel Constantineau for several years since we had the pleasure of having him training at the OSM for two years. Daniel is a talented musician who has shown outstanding musicianship, and I recommend him for any position he may envisage in the future. »

Charles DUTOIT

« I witnessed the excellent skills of Daniel Constantineau when he conducted works from my students at the Conservatoire of Montreal, both in rehearsals and in concerts. He subsequently studied conducting with various maestros, including Charles Dutoit and Serge Garant. He founded the Orchestre philharmonique du Grand Montréal in 1996 and the Orchestre de la Vallée-du-Haut-Saint-Laurent in 2010. It is important to emphasize the enthusiasm and determination that led to these achievements; they reveal qualities of persistence that command respect and confidence. »


« Daniel Constantineau’s most outstanding talent on the podium is his ability to convey his ideas to the musicians with excellent use of his arms. He can sustain long phrases with intensity and warmth. His rehearsals are well-planned and effective. His oral communication skills with the orchestra members are fine. »

Nurhan ARMAN
Music Director, Sinfonia Toronto

« I highly recommend this serious and gifted conductor [Daniel Constantineau], who knows how to decipher and highlight compositions of hard access, this with panache and professionalism, and how to communicate its enthusiasm to the musicians he conducts. »

Clermont PÉPIN

The arranger and composer

« From the very first notes, one remains seized by the excellence of the arrangements, the delicacy in the search for sound textures and timbres and between the choir and the instruments. The album De l’amour au chœur is a success! « 

Bruno DESCHÊNES, Revue Chanter


« Dazzling is the adjective that comes to mind after hearing your compositions. Most enjoyable listening, seducing us from the very first notes into this marvellous soundscape of your creation. Your talent cannot be denied and we have rarely met such a brilliant composer. Bravo! »

Pierre SCHWARZ, Assistant-producer

« And then comes the time, always moving for me, where Daniel makes me hear what he has found to say with his music that I did not say with my images. And it seems to me then, and each time, that all is said. Daniel Constantineau is a great musician, with a delicacy and exceptional sensitivity. It is without reservation that I recommend it to anyone who wants to means everything. »


« You can be proud of the extraordinary work of orchestration that you have done for the album Choeur en fête II. You are an ace! »

Producer, Audiogram


« I have listened your two CDs after reading your prestigious resume. Your work is full of finesse, although very rigorous. I can only salute your talent. »

Marie-Josée FERRON

« I am pleased to testify here my entire satisfaction about the creation work done by Daniel Constantineau, musician-composer, and his highly efficient collaboration on Graffiti production. Mr. Constantineau’s musical creativity, his sensitivity and his importance for the dramatic support of this serie have been a highly significant contribution for us. »

Pierre-Yvan DUBUC

The journalist and teacher

« Daniel is a meticulous and consciencious editor. His French is impeccable and he showed great discernment in choosing his photo illustrations; so we decided to integrate him to the editorial staff of the newspaper. »

Josée BOILEAU, Chief Editor
Journal Le Devoir

« Fine writing, promising talent! »

Monique DE GRAMONT, Editor
Revue Prévention au travail

« Indeed, as a teacher, Daniel Constantineau successfully inspires and draws excellence from his students, most of who have little or no formal musical training. The specific structuring of the courses Music theory and pratice I and II, which he has developed, responds particularly well to the wishes of the school population and to the objective of the Art and Letters curriculum at the College of Valleyfield. »

Jean-Pierre LEDUC, Coordinator
Département Arts et Lettres, Cégep de Valleyfield

« I want to thank you for the availability and professionalism that you have done in College, by which you have astonished me. »

Soeur Annette BELLAVANCE, Dean
Collège Régina Assumpta

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