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« A conductor with impeccable rhythmic sense, precise and attentive direction, Daniel Constantineau allows the orchestra to maintain a free and natural discourse from the beginning to the end of each piece of the program, revealing at home a sensitive interpreter and a musician eminently respectable in all respects. »

It is with these words that Claude Gingras, fearsome (and feared!) Music critic of La Presse, speaks in June 1997, about the first concert by Daniel Constantineau and the Orchestre philharmonique du Grand Montréal, a community and amateur ensemble founded by this last one and which knows an immediate success until its dissolution, in 2001.

This stage is preceded by the conducting of several contemporary music ensembles and recordings on CBC FM radio, as well as youth orchestras and stage music. Subsequently, Daniel Constantineau takes the reins of student choirs at Cégep de Valleyfield where, in addition to directing these ensembles, he teaches theory, history and computer-assisted composition for 13 years.

Today executive and music director of the Orchestre symphonique de la Vallée-du-Haut-Saint-Laurent (OSVHSL), a phalanx he founded in 2010 and which plays classical, romantic and post-romantic repertoires on period instruments, Daniel Constantineau prides itself on the quality of the work of this group, which encourages the support and recognition of its many stakeholders.

As testimony of that are the release of a debut album on ATMA – André Gagnon Baroque – in October 2015, its nominations at Gala de l’ADISQ 2016 and Prix Opus 2017 and its expanded press cover, this after the delivery of only 11 concerts in six years of operations.


The videos of OSVHSL are available on Vimeo, photos on Instagram, the album André Gagnon Baroque on SoundCloud and repertoire and ensembles directed by Daniel Constantineau, right here.

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